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The Full Story


Hi there, my name is Jonelle Pallotta and I am the founder of Lapis Moon Boutique. Lapis Moon Boutique was founded in 2020. Like many others, my life was disrupted by the pandemic and I found myself yearning to use this time more productively. I decided I wanted to use this as an opportunity to do what I love - creating things while also having a positive impact on the fashion industry. 


Currently, Lapis Moon Boutique is a one women operation. Product sourcing and development, packaging, and most importantly communicating with you all is all done be me.


I would love to hear from you! Get in touch with me by sending me DM on instagram @lapismoonboutique or by commenting on one of our posts. 


Thank you for choosing to support a small black owned business! 

Mission + Values

We value authenticity, transparency, quality and diversity. We would like to provide our customers with quality goods at a fair price-point that are cruelty free and more sustainable. We want to encourage women to take their power back and express their beauty in an authentic way. We want the individuality and self-expression of our customers to be celebrated and incorporated into our brand's image. Whether you want to be alluring, enchanting, or as sexy the full moon or; unique, sophisticated, or as charming as a raw Lapis Lazuli gemstone, we support you!


We provide a selection of handmade goods. We aim to one day produce all of our products locally while still pricing our products at a price-point that is accessible to the average consumer. Currently, we do our best to source all of our raw materials locally, produce our products in small batches and offer a selection of made-to-order goods. Doing this we hope to minimize the wasteful nature of the fashion industry. In order to promote an authentic customer experience we do not distort or alter the images of our models or products to make them seem more appealing. We work with micro-influencers and real customers to showcase our products with integrity and honesty.

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